Incorporating Life Goals Into Riding Lessons

This post is about intentionally using riding skills to target your riders’ life goals. This concept was introduced to me by the evaluator Sandy Webster at the Advanced Workshop I attended at Heartland Therapeutic Riding. It is perhaps the most impactful concept I learned from the week, as it has changed my perspective on instructing for therapeutic riding … Continue reading

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Magnet Groom & Tack Games

While we’re on the theme of magnets, here are some more ideas! These are some props and activities from Heartland Therapeutic Riding. While attending the Advanced Workshop I asked if I could take pictures of their activities and share, and they kindly obliged! For both games they used magnets and magnet/metal boards, which were located in … Continue reading

Magnet Farm Animals Game

My game guru Carrie of Horsepower sent me another fun activity! Supplies Farm Magnet Game buy one Here, Here, Here, or Here make your own using directions from Here or Here buy magnets and make your own scenes on a cookie sheet Cookie sheet 2 Barrels 2 Obstacles Arena Set Up Put magnets on a cookie sheet on … Continue reading

Autumn Leaf Activity

In light of all the trees changing colors, this is a simple game we played the other week. Prep: 4 pairs of autumn colored paper – cut matching leaf shapes for each pair on each pair write an activity – one word can be divided by a dash laminate and cut out again Activity 1 (for … Continue reading

Dear Reader: Ladder Reins

I got a good question from a reader that I thought I’d open up to everyone! Dear Reader “I am looking for a demo video on the proper use of ladder reins. Do you have a resource that might help? Thanks!” My response: I’ve only used ladder reins for one rider, because she prefers the … Continue reading

Adaptive Equipment

I just found this great list of adaptive equipment and how to use it, complete with pictures! Click Here for RDA’s list of Adaptive Saddlery Equipment or go to A huge thank you to RDA (Riding Develops Abilities) for sharing this resource on their Downloadable Content page! **************** Note: This is not professional advice, this is … Continue reading

Pool Noodle Stick Horses

It’s Fall Camp! The craft we did today was: Pool Noodle Stick Horses! Our coordinator found this craft idea on a Michigan therapeutic riding center’s Facebook page (who unfortunately we can’t remember! was it you? LMK and I’ll reference you!) – and there are lots of internet blogs with instructions for making them as well. … Continue reading

Teaching tips: Beginners

Tonight I enjoyed this post at about teaching beginners and the first three lessons. The full post can be found here but I’ve summarized the key points below for us all – I confess I’m a note-taker! Teaching beginners is not for beginners! You are establishing a foundation and confidence. Take that seriously. Repetition Everything … Continue reading

Special Olympics Trail Pattern 1

This was the trail pattern from the Indiana Special Olympics this year. We had fun practicing it with our students so I thought I’d share! The Key: Orange = walk Green = trot (or they can walk the whole thing) Red X = stop The Pattern: Walk and 2 point over the pole between the … Continue reading